Wisdom, knowledge, and experience are the traits of Jay Brown, an expert at financial planning and solving financial problems. This combined with his pleasant demeanor and integrity, makes him an excellent resource. I feel very comfortable with Jay, and he has the competence that comes from many years of education and research.
-J. Sandgren

Jay can be trusted with every aspect of your financial life. He cares about people, and he will follow-up on any matter in a timely fashion. He explains concepts so that they are easy to understand. So, I would say it is the trust factor, along with his genuine regard for everyone he meets, that are evident. I have been very satisfied with Jay, and I would not hesitate to hire him again. Very professional!
-C. Clemons.


I have had the pleasure of working with Jay for many years. His service is outstanding, and he has always had my best interests in mind. I get a sense that his clients are family; he even has had client appreciation events, giving out complimentary holiday pies…it is a bit ‘old fashioned’, though everyone loves it!
-M. Harris