Jay Brown

Jay Brown        CA. License # 0606096


 (415) 789-3700 ext 101

Jay Brown is a financial advisor who specializes in working with people retired or nearing retirement.  Jay has been providing financial advice and serving Bay Area residents for over 40 years.  His planning process starts with an in depth analysis of a client’s goals and objectives.  After an evaluation, Jay makes recommendations and works with his clients to implement a comprehensive financial plan.  The end result is to assure the client’s financial plan meets his or her goals.  Mr. Brown works mostly on a referral basis, with satisfied clients recommending his services to others.

Jay has an extensive network of experts on his team to assist his clients to navigate through the complexities of their financial and estate planning needs.  Jay’s passion in his work is evident; to help solve the many financial and emotional issues that pre-retirees and retirees encounter.  Some of the professional services and planning strategies covered are:  Asset protection, capital preservation, income distribution, required minimum distributions and estate planning.

Jay has the many different licenses needed for his professional practice to help people to have a safe and secure retirement, and to achieve retirement freedom.  

Mr. Brown is involved in a number of community events.  He is a member of the Local Chamber of Commerce and has been the president and long term member of two different Toastmasters organizations in the area.